Sentence Examples

  • The senate itself might, in the later Republic, invite a victorious general to assume the title; and in these two customs - the salutation of the troops, and the invitation of the senate - we see in the germ the two methods by which under the Empire the princeps was designated; while in the military connotation attaching to the name even under the Republic we can detect in advance the military character by which the emperor and the Empire were afterwards distinguished.
  • But the title of emperor was also used in the middle ages, and is still used, in a loose and vague sense, without any ecclesiastical connotation or hint of connexion with Rome (the two attributes which should properly distinguish an emperor), and merely in order to designate a non-European ruler with a large extent of territory.
  • Thus, in Germany, with the decay of the empire the title " prince " received a sovereign connotation, though it ranks, as in France, below that of " duke."
  • " This use of the word " prince " - which has in England so lofty a connotation - to translate foreign titles of such varying importance and significance naturally leads to a good deal of confusion in the public mind.
  • No negative connotation was intended by using the word "short." 

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