Sentence Examples

  • Underwear that doesn't feature cups or supportive features can be used as a layer between scratchy clothes, as a light support system, or as a protective barrier beneath semi-sheer clothing.
  • Anyone who wears bamboo is an instant convert, but to those who don't know how comfortable and pleasant it can be, the assumption is that it is fibrous and scratchy.
  • Whether you listen to a potential set of new speakers at home or at the store, here are some things to listen for: There should be no scratchy or distorted sounds.
  • Infection with an adenovirus, however, may also cause a significant amount of pus-like discharge and a scratchy, foreign-body-sensation in the eye.
  • If all you feel when you slip into your robe is the scratchy feel of polyester, then you know that you'll need to choose more carefully next time!