Sentence Examples

  • The orphan discovered he was heir to a legacy of magic and the savior of an entire people as "The Boy Who Lived." Seven books and eight films led to the creation of the Universal Studios attraction.
  • They also feel, for example, that a person is not a Christian until he or she has been completely submerged, and this should occur immediately after the confession of a belief in Christ as the Savior.
  • In addition to infusing any outfit with personality, color and class, they also serve as a savior for pack rats, partygoers, errand-runners, students, professionals and everyone in between.
  • For anyone whose summer at the beach is spoiled by the thought of having to display a figure that isn't quite as slender as it could be, the swim skirt is a real summer savior.
  • In June 2006, Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross married stockbroker Tom Mahoney at the Church of Our Savior Episcopal Parish in San Gabriel, California.