Sentence Examples

  • Type G/N AirClean Filter Bags are used for both S2 and S5 models.
  • The same variation occurs at the neighbouring Teos and at Ephesus, while the coins of Mesembria in Thrace show regularly Meta and M ET A M B P I A N S2 N, where represents the sound which resulted from the fusion of By, and which appears in Homer as Qa in � Vvos, while in later Greek it becomes piaos.
  • If the axes are rectangular, the direction-ratios become direction-cosines, so that X1 + ~s2 + vi = I, whence R2 = X1 + ~2 + Z2.
  • Z, v' -V --zP - x R b2 2b2 c2 S2 1 z a2+ 2b2S23x, w' = w -{-xQ-yP2c2 cl?
  • Next, if the line S2 touch at b the arc aa so that the two portions ab, ba lie on the same side of the line Sl, then projecting the figure as before, the tangent at b, that is, the line S2 itself, is projected to infinity; the arc ab is projected into a parabolic leg, and at the same time the arc ba is projected into a parabolic leg, having at infinity the same direction as the other leg, but so that the two legs may or may not belong to the same branch.