Sentence Examples

  • As a general guide, a 2T fits children weighing between 25 to 27 pounds, 3T is for those weighing about 28 to 32 pounds, 4T is best for kids weighing between 33 to 36 pounds, and 5T should fit those weighing approximately 37 to 42 pounds.
  • A 2010 Pew Internet Research poll showed that 32 percent of teens have experienced some type of online harassment such as forwarding private information to others, posting an embarrassing photograph, spreading rumors, or making threats.
  • If bilirubin levels are elevated, indicating impending intrauterine death, the fetus can be given intrauterine transfusions at ten-day to two-week intervals, generally until 32 to 34 weeks gestation, when delivery should be performed.
  • Plus Tall: Fits women sizes 14 to 28 who are an average height of 5'9" or taller; plus tall lengths fit similarly to regular plus sizes but feather longer inseams; selected styles in the store are available up to plus tall size 32.
  • Interest rate increase due to the Universal Default Clause - This clause allows credit card companies to increase your interest rate, usually to the default rate of 29 to 32 percent, if you make a late payment to other creditors.