Sentence Examples

  • This health care reform legislation is projected to improve the coverage for all Americans and to provide coverage to as many as 32 million Americans who were without health care coverage when the Bill was signed into law.
  • A 1998 study of 29,133 male smokers in Finland showed 32% less cases of prostate cancer and 40% less deaths from prostate cancer among men who took vitamin E to prevent lung cancer compared to men who took a placebo.
  • A UK study published in 1998 found that although the majority of children with MSBP studied (90 percent) were placed in child protection care at diagnosis, at two-year follow up the number had fallen to 32 percent.
  • Several tour options are available, including 1-Hour Panorama tour for $24, 90-Minute Insights for $32, 3-Hour Behind the Scenes for $60, 90 Minute Desert Walk for $32, and a 2-Hour Desert Shelter Tour for $40.
  • As a general guide, a 2T fits children weighing between 25 to 27 pounds, 3T is for those weighing about 28 to 32 pounds, 4T is best for kids weighing between 33 to 36 pounds, and 5T should fit those weighing approximately 37 to 42 pounds.