Sentence Examples

  • The XBOX 360 is the latest console to be released and currently the most powerful, even so it will only set you back around a maximum of 300 quid whereas a top-of the range PC is going to be at least double that if not more.
  • Aside from dance games like Dance Dance Revolution and alternative rhythm games like Samba di Amigo and DJ Hero, the most notable competition for the Guitar Hero audience on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is the Rock Band franchise.
  • The announcement of the movie deal has resurfaced questions about the release date of Halo 3, but Microsoft spokespeople declined to comment and continued to avoid the issue of the much-anticipated Xbox 360 game's release date.
  • They can read about how kids like Devon Green started a recycling business at age five and built it up to 100 customers, and how Ethan Hasselburger's green choices inspired his mother to start a green business: My Earth 360.
  • The graphics aren't high-end like what you'd find on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (or even the PSP), but they suit this wonderful offering perfectly and are colorful and vibrant enough to keep a big wide smile on your face.