Sentence Examples

  • Bibliographical references to ternary forms are given by Forsyth (Amer.
  • If a compound contains two atoms it is termed a binary compound, if three a ternary, if four a quaternary, and so on.
  • This view was accepted in 1817 by Leopold Gmelin, who, in his Handbuch der Chemie, regarded inorganic compounds as being of binary composition (the simplest being oxides, both acid and basic, which by combination form salts also of binary form), and organic compounds as ternary, i.e.
  • The idea_can be generalized so as to have regard to ternary and higher forms each of the same order and of the same number of variables.
  • Ternary and Higher Forms.-The ternary form of order n is represented symbolically by (aixl+a2x2+a3x3)' =a'; and, as usual, b, c, d,...