Sentence Examples

  • Ex- of philo- ternal nature again in contrast with humanity expresses sophy.
  • It is this, combined always with the suitability of the ex- ternal conditions, which accounts for the success of the best known experiments of American pisciculturists.
  • The path of contact which it traces is identical with itself; and the flanks of the teeth c are internal and their faces ex ternal epicycloids for wheels, and both flanks and faces are cycloids For a pitch-circle of twice the P, - / radius of the rolling or describing /, -~- circle (as it is called) the internal B ~, epicycloid is a straight line, being, / E in fact, a diameter of the pitch- circle, so that the flanks of the teeth for such a pitch-circle are planes radiating from the axis.
  • The ex- ternal service of the palace is performed by the Swiss Guard and the gendarmerie; the service of the ante-chamber by the lay and ecclesiastical chamberlains; this service has also given rise to certain honorary titles both for ecclesiastics, e.g.
  • The simplest types of process or operation are: (I), heating or cooling at constant volume, represented by vertical lines such as Bb, called Isometrics, in which the pressure varies, but no ex ternal work is done.

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