Sentence Examples

  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN GOAT, or White Goat (Oreamnus montanus), a North American hollow-horned ruminant of the family Bovidae, distinguished by its white colour.
  • It is, in fact, the only ruminant, with the exception of the white Alaskan wild sheep, which is entirely white at all seasons of the year; and cannot, therefore, be mistaken for any other animal, and its description may consequently be brief.
  • Australia has no apes, monkeys or baboons, and no ruminant beasts.
  • A peculiar form of baboon, Cynopithecus, and the singular ruminant, Anoa, found in Celebes, seem to have no relation to Asiatic animals, and rather to be allied to those in Africa.
  • MUSK-OX, also known as musk-buffalo and musk-sheep, an Arctic American ruminant of the family Bovidae, now representing a genus and sub-family by itself.

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