Sentence Examples

  • The Turks did not support their client by advancing into Nejd itself, and he and his rivals were left to fight out their battles among themselves.
  • Hostilities had been resumed with England; the duke of Orleans had squandered the money raised for John's expedition against Calais; and the two rivals broke out into open threats.
  • The best quality is that from the Capadare district, in the state of Falcon, which rivals that of the Vuelta Abajo of Cuba.
  • Equal terms with their imperial rivals for the possession of Dalmatia, Rascia (the original home of the Servians, situated between Bosnia, Dalmatia and Albania) and Rama or northern Bosnia (acquired by Hungary in 1135); but on the accession of Manuel Comnenus in 1143 the struggle became acute.
  • After the university had settled its quarrels these continued to teach, and soon became formidable rivals of the secular lecturers.

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