Sentence Examples

  • My son nears the age where my uncle says the demon must claim him as a host.
  • In West Africa the Mpongwe believe in local spirits, just as do the Eskimo; but they are regarded as inoffensive in the main; true, the passerby must make some trifling offering as he nears their place of abode; but it is only occasionally that mischievous acts, such as the throwing down of a tree on a passer-by, are, in the view of the natives, perpetuated by the Ombuiri.
  • As the steeping is such a critical operation, it is essential that the stalks be frequently examined and tested as the process nears completion.
  • High at this point), till it nears the little railway station of New Chaman.
  • Lancaster, the Belgian meteorologist, formulated, as the result of a study of all the available data, the following rule: - That the rainfall increases in the Congo basin (1) in proportion as one nears the equator from the south, (2) as one passes from the coast to the interior.

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