Sentence Examples

  • In 457 the Athenians and their allies ventured to intercept a Spartan force which was returning home from central Greece.
  • He supported the Phocians during the Sacred War (355-346), moved, no doubt, largely by the hatred of Thebes which he had inherited from his father: he also led the Spartan forces in the conflicts with the Thebans and their allies which arose out of the Spartan attempt to break up the city of Megalopolis.
  • All he needed was someone to believe in him and make him realize he was worth saving.  And, well, probably Gabe and a few allies, instead of the assholes he's surrounded by.
  • His army found itself a little to the north of the town near the village of Legnano, when the troops of the city, assisted only by a few allies from Piacenza, Verona, Brescia, Novara and Vercelli, met and overwhelmed it.
  • Memon did not yet have the men for an onslaught on Tiyan, but he might succeed in swaying their allies if the warlord was dead.

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