Sentence Examples

  • Maybe I would have if you hadn't retracted it as soon as you said it.
  • (X 300.) by a nervure and traversed by two A, With " bladder," b, longitudinal nervures, or the nervuration protruded; B, retracted, may be altogether degenerated.
  • Hydrocaulus, and forms a cup, the hydrangium or hydrotheca (h, t), standing off from the body, into which the hydranth can be retracted for shelter and protection.
  • - Metagenetic colony-forming Hydromedusae, in which the polyp-colony forms a massive, calcareous corallum into which the polyps can be retracted; polyp-individuals always of two kinds, gastrozoids and dactylozoids; gonosome either free medusae or sessile gonophores.
  • It is protruded and retracted by special muscles which are partly attached to the ventral, distal end of the ilium.

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