Sentence Examples

  • The single prosthomere carries the retractile tentacles as its "parapodia."
  • The head is seen in front resting on the foot and carrying a median non-retractile snout or rostrum, and a pair of cephalic tentacles at the base of each of which is an eye.
  • NEMERTINA, or Nemerteans (Nemertea), a subdivision of worms,' characterized by the ciliation of the skin, the presence of a retractile proboscis, the simple arrangement of the generative apparatus, and in certain cases by a peculiar pelagic larval stage to which the name " pilidium " has been given.
  • In one genus (Polypocephalus) the place of a rostellum is taken by a crown of retractile tentacles.
  • Another form, Rhopalophorus, has two cephalic tentacles that are retractile and covered with hooks.