Sentence Examples

  • The single prosthomere carries the retractile tentacles as its "parapodia."
  • The part of the foot which carries the claws is especially retractile, and is generally found more or less telescoped into the proximal part.
  • The mouth parts consist of two small retractile mandibles, of a pair of short palpi and of the toothed probe above mentioned.
  • From all other large Carnivora except the African hunting-dog, hyenas are distinguished by having only four toes on each foot, and are further characterized by the length of the fore-legs as compared with the hind pair, the non-retractile claws, and the enormous strength of the jaws and teeth, which enables them to break the hardest bones and to retain what they have seized with unrelaxing grip.
  • "The powerful retractile talons of the falcon and the cat tribes have not been produced or increased by the volition of those animals; but among the different varieties which occurred in the earlier and less highly organized forms of these groups, those always survived longest which had the greatest facilities for seizing their prey.

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