Sentence Examples

  • This severe provision was, however, repealed after the fall of Robespierre.
  • By the Naturalization Act of 1870 this clause is virtually repealed with regard to all persons who obtain certificate of naturalization.
  • By a further act of 1541 - which was not repealed until 1845 - artificers, labourers, apprentices, servants and the like were forbidden to play bowls at any time save Christmas, and then only in their master's house and presence.
  • The acts imposing fines for recusancy, repealed in 1650, were later executed with great severity.
  • Not till 1736 were the statutes against witchcraft repealed; an act which the Associate Presbytery at Edinburgh in 1743 declared to be" contrary to the express law of God, for which a holy God may be provoked in a way of righteous judgment."The recognition and condemnation of errors in religious belief is by no means confined to the Christian Church.

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