Sentence Examples

  • It is replete with interest for the antiquarian.
  • Foremost among its buildings must be mentioned its five chief churches, stately Gothic edifices in glazed brick, with lofty spires and replete with medieval works of art - pictures, stained glass and tombs.
  • It is replete with memories of the last earl of Derwentwater, who was beheaded in 1716 for his part in the Stuart rising of the previous year, and was buried in the chapel.
  • The pope appointed censors for both translations, who found the work to be replete with piety and holiness, highly useful and wholesome.
  • The memoir of the last-named, published in the Journal de l'Ecole royale polytechnique for 1847 (xviii., 1 -270), ranks as a classic on the subject; it is replete with examples and illustrations, and discusses the various phenomena in minute detail.