Sentence Examples

  • Whether you choose to buy a basket of food staples or one brimming with tasty delicacies, such a present is practically guaranteed to please.
  • Mass retailers like K-Mart soon stocked her Everyday line of home furnishings and she returned to her television program The Martha Stewart Show, brimming with ideas on attaining domestic perfection, or at least a semblance of it.
  • That said, this is still an extremely good love match - a pairing brimming with understanding, warmth and security.
  • Whether she was promiscuous or not, chances are that she was brimming over with self-esteem and, whether outwardly or inwardly, a small part of you wanted to be like her.
  • With so many Droid phones on the market brimming with apps, technology, and more, it may be hard to imagine that there actually is any competition for the Droid.