Sentence Examples

  • In 1343 appointed, by the bull Unigenitus Dei filius, that the jubilee should recur every fifty years instead of every hundred years as had been originally contemplated in the constitution of Boniface; Urban VI., who was badly in need of money, by the bull Salvator foster ij1 1389 reduced the interval still further to thirty-three years (the supposed duration of the earthly life of Christ); and Paul II.
  • At Winsford, where the same formation seems to recur, it is 159 yds.
  • Similar situations recur in the reigns of Ahaz and Jehoram.
  • The natural resources of Guatemala are rich but undeveloped; and the capital necessary for their development is not easily obtained in a country where war, revolution and economic crises recur at frequent intervals, where the premium on gold has varied by no less than 500% in a single year, and where many of the wealthiest cities and agricultural districts have been destroyed by earthquake in one day (18th of April 1902).
  • Yet the substance, quality, condition absolute (7rws gxov) and condition relative of Stoicism have no enduring influence outside the school, though they recur with eclectics like Galen.

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