Sentence Examples

  • Strengthened by this powerful reinforcement, Don John fell upon the patriot army at Gemblours near Namur on the 31st of January 1578, and with scarcely any loss completely routed the Netherlanders.
  • Except by the Clericals, who were enraged at the blow thus struck at, the restoration of the popes temporal power, and by the Radicals, who feared both the inevitable breach with republican France and the reinforcement of Italian.
  • After taking counsel with his officers, he anchored the ship as far off shore as possible; loaded and ran out his two cannon from the bows; stacked his muskets on the poop; and warning the Islanders not to approach the ship at their peril, took one man with him, and setting the sail of his best whale-boat, steered straight before the wind for Tahiti, five hundred miles distant, to procure a reinforcement to his crew.
  • Carbon - Laminated single skin construction, fiberglass exterior and carbon interior, with additional carbon fiber reinforcement on gunwales and keel.
  • The majority of reinforcement corrosion seems to be promoted by the practice of salting roads in the winter.

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