Sentence Examples

  • The supernatural element that is prominent in the Old Testament is God's providential guidance and guardianship of His people, and His teaching and training of them by His prophets.
  • (9) They believe in the providential care of the divine Father.
  • The facts of history must be explained, not by providential interventions, but by referring them to conditions inherent in the successive stages of social existence.
  • With Open Face (Lond., 1896); The Epistle to the Hebrews (Edin., 1899); The Providential Order of the World, and the Moral Order of the World in Ancient and Modern Thought (Gifford Lectures, 1896-1897; Lond., 18 97, 1899).
  • As the earlier one set forth in orderly sequence (Ka0eVjs) the providential stages by which Jesus was led, " in the power of the Spirit," to begin the establishment of the consummated Kingdom of God, so the later work aims at setting forth on similar principles its extension by means of His chosen representatives or apostles.