Sentence Examples

  • What do you propose to do about the house?
  • In the Ecclesia a private citizen might propose another assessment, or the case might be referred to the law courts.
  • Sigismund, in 1422, even went so far as to propose a partition of Poland between Hungary, the empire and the Silesian princes, a scheme which foundered upon Sigismund's impecuniosity and the reluctance of the Magyars to injure the Poles.
  • Of the cult of holy places, and it is to the sacred shrines of christendom that we propose to confine our attention.
  • When the cathedral chapter found courage to oppose this and opened suit to recover the ecclesiastical revenues for ecclesiastical purposes, Richelieu's mother proposed to make her second son, Alphonse, bishop. He defeated this scheme, however, by becoming a monk of the Grande Chartreuse, and Armand, whose health was rather feeble in any case for a military career, was induced to propose himself for the priesthood.

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