Sentence Examples

  • Frequent fainting fits gave presage of a speedy end, and on the 8th of April 1813 he had a final interview with his friends B.
  • Adamson (Perth, 1638) are the lines "For what we do presage is riot in grosse, For we are brethren of the Rosie Crosse; We have the Mason Word and second sight, Things for to come we can fortell aright."
  • The condition of affairs on the continent seemed to French enthusiasts to presage an attack by the other Powers on France.
  • Against Russia he was less fortunate, and the first encounter between Turkey and her future northern rival gave presage of disaster to come.
  • In an 1843 report to the U.S. Congress, the Commissioner of the Patent Office, Henry Ellsworth, made this gloomy prediction: "The advancement of the arts, from year to year, taxes our credulity and seems to presage the arrival of that period when human improvement must end."

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