Sentence Examples

  • Lotze publicly and formally denied that he belonged to the school of Herbart, though he admitted that historically the same doctrine which might be considered the forerunner of Herbart's teachings might lead to his own views, viz.
  • Mission Park (10 acres) here is adorned by native and foreign shrubs and by maples, elms, pines and arbor vitae, and "Haystack Monument" in this park marks the place where Samuel John Mills (1783-1818), in 1806, held the prayer meeting which was the forerunner of the American foreign missionary movement.
  • In the late 1960s it was used for unofficial bric-a-brac sales - the forerunner of car boots today.
  • An earthwork enclosure may indicate the forerunner of the Roman town.
  • This was the forerunner of today 's Royal Opera House.

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