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  • Two pamphlets at least are ascribed to him: " Les Mannequins, conte ou histoire, comme l'on voudra " (against Turgot; anon., Paris, 1776) and " Description historique d'un monstre symbolique pris vivant sur les bords du lac Fagua, pres de Santa-Fe, par les soins de Francisco Xaveiro de Neunris " (against Calonne; Paris, 1784) (A.
  • He abdicated under pres i sure in 1808 in favor of his son Ferdinand, and then re signed his rights to Napoleon.
  • (2) Words terminating in s surd or sonant and in x anciently formed their plural by adding to the singular the syllable es (bras, brasses; pres,, preses; maleix, maleixes), but subsequently, from about the 15th centui-v, the Castilian influence substituted Os, so that one now hears brrissos, presos, ma~eixos.
  • Fouquier ex-accusateur public pres le tribunal revolutionnaire, &c. (Paris, 1794); Domenget, FouquierTinville et le tribunal revolutionnaire (Paris, 1878); H.
  • Few of those in the audiences of Moliere, returning home under the grey walls of St Germaindes-Pres, knew that within that monastery the men whose midnight they disturbed were laying the basis for all scientific history; and few of the later historians of that age have been any wiser.

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