Sentence Examples

  • Evergreens predominate in the south, where grow subtropical plants such as the myrtle, arbutus, laurel, holm-oak, olive and fig; varieties of the same kind are also found on the Atlantic coast (as far north as the Cotentin), where the humidity and mildness of the climate favor their growth.
  • C. Geographical Distribution The study of the extinct organisms of any country leads to a proper appreciation of its existing flora and fauna; while, on the other hand, a due consideration of the plants and animals which may predominate within its bounds cannot fail to throw more or less light on the changes it has in the course of ages undergone.
  • Ones, lavas predominate. We have as yet no clew to the laws by which
  • Forms of fish which predominate in more ancient seas; and many kinds
  • Alder and willow predominate in the wet valley bottom, with a ground flora of golden saxifrage, yellow flag and pendulous sedge.

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