Sentence Examples

  • The doctrine of the circulation of the blood, which Descartes adopted from Harvey, supplied additional arguments in favour of his mechanical theory, and he probably did much to popularize the discovery.
  • The committee considered that the Post Office was not prevented either by legal agreement or by good faith from limiting or ending the monopoly of the company, and that competition appeared to be both expedient and necessary in order to extend and popularize the service and to avoid the danger that a purchase of the company's undertaking at an inflated price might be forced upon the government.
  • An instrument of higher interest, the stereoscope, which, though of much later date (1849-1850), may be mentioned here, since along with the kaleidoscope it did more than anything else to popularize his name, was not, as has often been asserted, the invention of Brewster.
  • The Nouvelles de la republique des lettres (see Louis P. Betz, P. Bayle and die Nouvelles de la republique des lettres, Zurich, 1896) was the first thorough-going attempt to popularize literature, and it was eminently successful.
  • Hyacinth Ronay in his Mutatvdny (Representation) and Jellemisme (Characteristics) endeavoured to popularize psychological studies.

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