Sentence Examples

  • The Spectator, which gradually became a prosperous property, was his pulpit, in which unwearyingly he gave expression to his views, particularly on literary, religious and philosophical subjects, in opposition to the agnostic and rationalistic opinions then current in intellectual circles, as popularized by Huxley.
  • As a general statement of the position of orthodox Congregationalism he drew up and t annotated the "Associate Creed of Andover Theological Seminary" (1883), and the anonymously published "Worcester Creed" of 1884 was his popularized and simplified statement.
  • It sought as well to encourage revolutionary measures against the monarchy and the old regime, and it was it especially which popularized the motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."
  • Trans., 1869-1883), popularized by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley in his Hist.
  • Vieta, who does not avail himself of the discoveries of his predecessors - the negative roots of Cardan, the revised notation of Stifel and Stevin, &c. - introduced or popularized many new terms and symbols, some of which are still in use.

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