Sentence Examples

  • In fact, he did so much to make the atomic theory of matter probable that he is popularly regarded as its originator.
  • FIREFLY, a term popularly used for certain tropical American click-beetles (Pyrophorus), on account of their power of emitting light.
  • Although this plant is popularly termed the "meadow mushroom," it never as a rule grows in meadows.
  • In 1655 he and Davenport drew up the code of laws, popularly known as the "Connecticut Blue Laws," which were published in London in 1656 under the title New Haven's Settling in New England and some Lawes for Government published for the Use of that Colony.
  • The name is often in popular literature written Cambalu, and is by Longfellow accented in verse Cambeilic. But this spelling originates in an accidental error in Ramusio's Italian version, which was the chief channel through which Marco Polo's book was popularly known.

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