Sentence Examples

  • One day, while her pony and her donkey were standing side by side, Helen went from one to the other, examining them closely.
  • It ranks with the most picturesque and most fertile members of the group and contains a breed of ponies, a cross between the native pony and the horse.
  • Over these roads was run in1860-1861the famous " pony express " whose service ended with the completion of the overland telegraph in the latter year; it covered the distance from St Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, in eight days, and even less.
  • The characters of the bones preserved, and certain rude but graphic representations carved on bones or reindeers' antlers, enable us to know that they were rather small in size and heavy in build, with large heads and rough shaggy manes and tails, much like, in fact, the recently extinct tarpans or wild horses of the steppes of the south of Russia, and the still-surviving Mongolian wild pony or " Przewalski's horse."
  • The defective formation of the pony, the perpendicular shoulder and the drooping hind quarters, are modified; but neither the latter, nor bent hocks, which place the hind legs under the body as in the zebra, are objected to, as the conformation is favourable to rapid turning.

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