Sentence Examples

  • But a limit is put to th~ diminution of the radii of journals and pivots by the conditions 01 durability and of proper lubrication, and also by conditions 01 strength and stiffness.
  • Friction of Pivots and Collars.When a shaft is acted upon b a force tending toshift it lengthways, that force must be balanced by the reaction of a bearing against a pivot at the end of the shaft; or, if that be impossible, against one or more collars, or rings projecting from the body of the shaft.
  • Hence the pivots already mentioned wear unequally at different points, and tend to alter their figures.
  • In mechanism it is usually the central line either of a rotating shaft or axle having journals, gudgeons, or pivots turning in fixed bearings, or of a fixed spindle or dead centre round which a rotating bush turns; but it may sometimes be entirely beyond the limits of the turning body.
  • (A) The pivots or bearings of the polar axis are placed at its extremities.

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