Sentence Examples

  • Rumors flew about Kate having an affair with her bodyguard (still not sure why she needs one of those) and Jon giving the old "…she was just a friend" excuse when pics were snapped of him with a young lass in his car.
  • The Emily Osment bikini pics featured at appear to be candid shots taken by a friend and are on the official site for fans of the Disney Channel, so it seems likely she granted permission for their display.
  • During the development of that little bump of a belly to when the big soccer ball of a belly shakes as you laugh, you should take lots of pics because you will appreciate seeing the changes your body endured.
  • According to Celebrity Plastic Pics, the superstar has admitted to only having two nose jobs, but plastic surgeons familiar with Jackson's transformation feel that number could be as high as 30 or 40.
  • Without having to spend too much - or really any - money (save that for the party!) you can still find some fantastic dance pics online that will capture the eyes and imagination of party goers.