Sentence Examples

  • Some of the impression of paradox here is due to Anselm's treating the Absolute simply as one among many other beings, and to his treating existence simply as one element in the quantitative sum of perfections.
  • A due consideration of it leads to the curious paradox that if any two animals be compared, the zoologically lower will be separated from the common ancestor by a larger number of generations, since, on the average, sexual maturity is reached more quickly by the lower form.
  • PARADOX (Gr.
  • A "paradox" has been compared with a "paralogism" (7rapa, X6 yos, reason), as that which is contrary to opinion only and not contrary to reason, but it is frequently used in the sense of that which is really absurd or untrue.
  • But for a tendency to paradox, his intellectual powers were of the highest order, and as a master of nervous idiomatic English he is second to Cobbett alone.

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