Sentence Examples

  • In order to oust his rival Henry of Guise, Henry III.
  • An attempt of the Atabeg to oust the new sultan, however, failed.
  • In 1689 the name of Ivan was used as a pretext by Sophia in her attempt to oust Peter from the throne altogether.
  • Formerly this was employed exclusively in the free state as brimstone, and this is still the case to a considerable extent in some countries, notably in the United States, but the great bulk of sulphuric acid is now made from metallic sulphides, especially those of iron and zinc. Most of the brimstone of trade comes from Sicily, but in the United States Louisiana sulphur is playing an important part, and seems likely to oust the Sicilian sulphur.
  • Finding that the king was ready to back them in all their enterprises, the Despensers resolved to take the fearful risk of snatching at supreme power by using their masters name to oust the barons who were now directing affairs from their position.