Sentence Examples

  • He is thus completely wedged before and behind, and can only expand himself sideways by settling down on his stretched legs; but a sudden, violent pitch of the boat will often go far to topple him, because length of foundation is nothing without corresponding breadth.
  • They stacked up the cakes thus in the open air in a pile thirty-five feet high on one side and six or seven rods square, putting hay between the outside layers to exclude the air; for when the wind, though never so cold, finds a passage through, it will wear large cavities, leaving slight supports or studs only here and there, and finally topple it down.
  • We topple an evil dictator in Iraq, yet support an evil dictator in Uzbekistan.
  • On the fireplace mantel, pictures fall and knickknacks topple over.
  • Short, who resigned as international development secretary following the campaign to topple Saddam Hussein, made her comments in a radio interview.

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