Sentence Examples

  • He was chief of the Bureau of Ordnance in 1893-1897.
  • In 1757 he was made lieutenant-general of the ordnance, and transferred to a fourth colonelcy.
  • The Duma endorsed this all but unanimously, and as the result the Grand-dukes Peter and Sergius resigned their posts of inspector-general of Engineers and Ordnance respectively, and the Grand-duke Nicholas his chairmanship of the Committee of National Defence.
  • - The Royal Military College and the Ordnance College are at Woolwich; the Royal Naval College at Greenwich.
  • There are also directors of stores, of naval construction, of the medical service, and of the submarine defences (which are concerned with torpedoes, mines and torpedo-boats), as well as of naval ordnance and works, The prefect directs the operations of the arsenal, and is responsible for its efficiency and for that of the ships which are there in reserve.