Sentence Examples

  • Low-key, contemporary furnishings in light wood colors and pale neutrals were mixed with splashes of color: the navy blue rug, lime couch pillows, cinnamon drapes, and yellow floorboards.
  • This tendency was already shown by Catherine when she created the League of Neutrals as an arm against the naval supremacy of England, and by Paul when he insisted that his peace negotiations with Bonaparte should be regarded as part of a general European pacification, in which he must be consulted.
  • After America's entrance into the World War the work had to be carried on by neutrals, but Mr. Hoover remained chairman of the Commission.
  • The war between France and Great Britain tended further to make the carrying trade of neutrals difficult.
  • On the morrow of his accession he had reversed the policy of Paul, denounced the League of Neutrals, and made peace with England (April 1801), at the same time opening negotiations with Austria.