Sentence Examples

  • According to this view the chromatic effects depend entirely upon atmospheric dispersion.
  • These eyepieces are intentionally provided with a different chromatic magnification, which however is in opposition to that originating in the objective.
  • In the interior the effect is gained by broad masses of chromatic decoration in marble-veneer and mosaics on a gold ground to cover the walls and vaults, and by elaborate pavements of opus sectile and opus Alexandrinum.
  • The most important is the chromatic difference of aberration of the axis point, which is still present to disturb the image, after par-axial rays of different colours are united by an appropriate combination of glasses.
  • The phenomena of chromatic polarization afford a ready means of detecting doubly refracting structure in cases, such as that produced in isotropic bodies by strain, in which its effects are very minute.