Sentence Examples

  • The series will thus possess the following general formulae M 2 CrO 4 M2Cr207 M2Cr30,0 &c. (M =one atom of a normal chromate bichromate trichromate monovalent metal.) Chromates.
  • Sodium chromate, Na 2 CrO 4.10H20, forms pale yellow crystals isomorphous with hydrated sodium sulphate, Na2S04.10H20.
  • Lead chromate, PbCrO 4, occurs native as the mineral crocoisite, and may be obtained as an amorphous pale yellow solid by precipitating a soluble lead salt by an alkaline chromate.
  • It melts readily, and on cooling resolidifies to a brown mass, which at moderately high temperatures gives off oxygen and leaves a residue of a basic lead salt; for this reason fused lead chromate is sometimes made use of in the analysis of organic compounds.
  • Silver chromate, Ag2Cr04, is a dark red amorphous powder obtained when silver nitrate is precipitated by an alkaline chromate.

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