Sentence Examples

  • A myriad of emotions flooded over Dean as Corday spoke.
  • (15) Christ did not enjoin the building of churches and the furnishing of holy tables, and their anointing with myrrh and hallowing with a myriad of prayers.
  • On the extreme north are the Kuriles (called by the Japanese Chishima, or the myriad isles), which extend to 156 32 E.
  • The choicest productions of the former two with those of many other poets were brought together in 756 and embodied in a book called the Manyoshu (Collection of a Myriad Leaves).
  • In The Development Hypothesis (1852) he objects strongly to the incredibility of the special creation of the myriad forms of life, without, however, suggesting how development has been effected.

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