Sentence Examples

  • The image of Santa and his reindeer is a classic Christmas icon, but the mistrust that is humorously exaggerated in this song leads us to wonder why we revere a "man who drives a sleigh and plays with elves."
  • You are wise to realize that some of your mistrust of the unknown would stem from the past relationship you had in which your previous girlfriend cheated on you without you being aware.
  • They take on a life of their own and can quickly overwhelm the truth; this leads to suspicion, mistrust, and misguided efforts to correct the problem stated in the legend.
  • Mistrust "low fat" products, as they tend to be full of sugar, salt and other unwanted stuff that makes them just as bad as the regular stuff they replace.
  • In Britain, red hair is called "ginger" and, when on an Irish head, is a subject for ridicule, part of the ongoing mistrust between the two nations.