Sentence Examples

  • He desires to end your misfortunes and restore you to your homes and families.
  • Custozza and Lissa were not Italys only misfortunes in i866.
  • It was in particular the misfortunes of the later 'seventies that gave the needed fillip to that branch of stock-farming concerned with the production of milk, butter and cheese, and from this period may be said to date the revival of the dairying industry, which received a powerful impetus through the introduction of the centrifugal cream separator, and was fostered by the British Dairy Farmers' Association (formed in 1875).
  • To complete her misfortunes, the European powers, the church and the small states of Italy, partly from jealous greed of her possessions, partly on the plea of her treason to Christendom in making terms with Islam, partly from fear of her expansion in north Italy, coalesced at Cambrai in 1508 for the partition of Venetian possessions.
  • In spite of the misfortunes of the last years of his reign, Podébrad's memory has always been cherished by the Bohemians.

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