Sentence Examples

  • I feel my madness coming.
  • Was her madness already starting?
  • The more the warlords used the magic for themselves, the worse their fates and the faster their madness came.
  • Yet traces of a pre-deistic and animistic period survived here and there; for instance, in Arcadia we find the thunder itself called Zeus (ZEUs Kepavvos) in a Mantinean inscription, 2 and the stone near Gythium in Laconia on which Orestes sat and was cured of his madness, evidently a thunder-stone, was named itself Zeus Kainreoras, which must be interpreted as " Zeus that fell from heaven "; 3 we here observe that the personal God does not yet seem to have emerged from the divine thing or divine phenomenon.
  • Her strength was quickly ebbing, her madness near.

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