Sentence Examples

  • I tell you I am madly, madly, in love with you!
  • She shook her head and trotted after Jonny, who paced madly in the hall.
  • In 1542 James madly sent a Scottish army to ruin at Solway Moss; his death a few weeks later left the Scottish throne to his infant daughter Mary Stuart, and Henry set to work to secure her hand for his son Edward and the recognition of his own suzerainty.
  • But, in the 18th aentury, the monarchy, hypnotized by the classical battle-fields of Flanders and Italy, madly squandered the fruits of Colberts work as so much material for barter and exchange.
  • But by this time he was already madly in love with Isotta degli Atti, and this was the passion that endured to his death.

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