Sentence Examples

  • I considered taking the chance of phoning from the comfort of my apartment but realized the foolishness of taking such a chance.
  • No, he was quick to say, it didn't come from any "psychic foolishness" which he didn't believe existed.
  • I don't care about all your bones foolishness, but Fitz buying the vodka scares me.
  • "God," he writes, "has given the art of divination not to the wisdom, but to the foolishness of man; for no man, when in his wits, attains prophetic truth and inspiration; but when he receives the inspired word either his intelligence is enthralled by sleep, or he is demented by some distemper or possession.
  • 18 Paul contrasts the being filled with the Spirit with the foolishness of intoxication with wine, and remarks that those filled with the Spirit speak to themselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs and give thanks always for all things.

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