Sentence Examples

  • In these the central bar which connects the two end links has screw threads cut upon it,;and by means of a lever can be turned so as either to shorten the coupling and bring the vehicles together till their buffers .are firmly pressed together, or to lengthen it to permit the end link to be lifted off the hook.
  • The pits leading from these lengthen into tubes, and undergo repeated branching as development proceeds.
  • Or March) and the days begin to lengthen the phyto-planktonic organisms begin to reproduce.
  • In -µ€s; ice, for ecv; -ae -art =CI), but differ more among themselves than do the Ionic. Laconia with its colonies (including those in south Italy) form a clear group, in which -e and -o lengthen to -n and -w as in Aeolic. Corinth (with its Sicilian colonies), the Argolid towns, and the Asiatic Doris, form another group, in which -E and -o become -a and -ov as in Ionic. Connected with the latter (e.g.
  • The flame appears to lengthen, but if the reflection is viewed in a vertical mirror revolving about a vertical axis or in Koenig's cube of mirrors, it is seen that the flame is really intermittent, jumping up and down once with each vibration, sometimes apparently going within the jet tube at its lowest point.

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