Sentence Examples

  • One of them forbade a citizen to protract his life beyond sixty years.
  • But there were dissensions within, both between Baldwin and his mother, Melisinda, who sought to protract her regency unduly, and between contending parties in Antioch, where the hand of Constance, Raymund's widow, was a desirable prize 4; while from without the horns of the crescent were slowly closing in on the kingdom.
  • "Owing to recent events," that is, the loss of the temporal power, Clement was in no way inclined to offend the victorious Charles V., Catherine's nephew, and Campeggio had already received (16th of September 1528) distinct instructions "not to proceed to sentence under any pretext without express commission, but protract the matter as long as possible."
  • But more troubles arose at Bagdad, and other reasons intervened to protract negotiations for a year and a half.
  • Protracting the process.

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