Sentence Examples

  • Deidre let the group jostle her down a small hallway that emptied out into an alley behind the row of buildings.
  • Even in Broadway and Chestnut streets, Mediterranean mariners will sometimes jostle the affrighted ladies.
  • Such are the distorted fancies that flit through the mind of one who is at college and lives as I do in an atmosphere of ideas, conceptions and half-thoughts, half-feelings which tumble and jostle each other until one is almost crazy.
  • It would be difficult to explain why and whither ants whose heap has been destroyed are hurrying: some from the heap dragging bits of rubbish, larvae, and corpses, others back to the heap, or why they jostle, overtake one another, and fight, and it would be equally difficult to explain what caused the Russians after the departure of the French to throng to the place that had formerly been Moscow.
  • Old & new buildings jostle for space near the bus station.

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