Sentence Examples

  • Today, after much research, development and international agreement, there are five recognized "Latin" dances - the Samba, Rumba, and Cha Cha (from Latin America), the Paso Doble (from Europe), and the Jive (from North America).
  • The Bee Gees themselves make the largest contribution with six tracks of their own, although two tracks, Jive Talkin' and You Should Be Dancing, were hits that were previous releases from other Bee Gees albums.
  • Everyone knows that it was David Cook and not Archuleta that was crowned the 2008 winner of American Idol, but Archuleta found his own measure of success, signing a recording contract with Jive Records.
  • The word "Jive" is an African slang term meaning "exaggerations," and this is shown in the enthusiastic dance steps and bravado that accompany good Jive performances.
  • These genres form sixty percent of the Latin Dance program, along with Paso Doble (Spanish) and Jive (from North America).