Sentence Examples

  • It was a truth acknowledged by the primal instinct drawn to the scent of his blood and invigorated by his touch.
  • It was terrifying, but she felt invigorated, hopeful.
  • With the systematic study of the Latin, and to a slight extent also of the Greek classics, he conjoined that of logic in the prolix system of Crousaz; and he further invigorated his reasoning powers, as well as enlarged his knowledge of metaphysics and jurisprudence, by the perusal of Locke, Grotius and Montesquieu.
  • On the 10th of December the army, thoroughly invigorated by its march, appeared before the defences of Savannah.
  • Humanism, as it actually appeared in Italy, was positive in its conception of the problems to be solved, pagan in its contempt for medieval mysticism, invigorated for sensuous enjoyment by contact with antiquity, yet holding in itself the germ of new religious aspirations, profounder science and sterner probings of the mysteries of life than had been attempted even by the ancients.

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